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Discounts available for all phases of Training from Obedience thru Protection are ongoing. Restrictions apply. Consult with Master Trainer.

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You may have bought training books and spent a fortune on various recommended dog training services – all of it promised to fix the problem, but didn't. At Patriot K-9 Command Dogs we know somehow it failed you. We at Patriot K-9 know that your dog problems are a learnt behavior. They are not born with them. Our respected training system offers a gentle, effective and permanent way to stop your dog’s undesirable behaviour. We’re based in the local area. Want to learn more? Please get in touch through our booking form.

About us

We’ve been helping dog owners with their dog's problems to achieve a happy relationship for years. Whether you’re looking for training solutions for your dog’s most frustrating behaviours, or to ensure your puppy grows to be well-mannered, we can help. Our qualified and experienced staff under the guidance and direction of a 40 yr experienced Master Trainer / Instructor will ensure your dogs performance is at its best. We employ leading techniques to help your dog understand how they're supposed to behave. We guarantee our work or your money is refunded.

Dog Training

Our expert training methods help solve behaviour and communication issues for dogs. Dog problems such as excessive barking, jumping up on people, destructive chewing, car chasing, control issues, etc. You want an obedient dog that will happily walk on or off leash without pulling sit, stay, come, down, heel, on command. Look no further, we can help you get there. Both you and your dog will end up in a happier relationship.


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